Hey Hey Internet Dwellers,

Just wanted to let you know that we’ve got a show coming up on February 24th at Jackie and Judy here in MTL.

You can join the Facebook Event Here.

On Friday, the 24th day of the Second Month of the Two Thousand and Twelfth Year since some event no one can actually remember or properly explain but which many feel still carries great significance, something of decidedly less global importance but no less positivity will take place.

February 24th Poster

In other words: AWW YEAH ROCK PARTY!


CINÉMA L’AMOUR – Montréal’s Loop-Nerd Party-Pair return to the stage for the first time since their epic second birthday party at the Plant back in December. They promise new songs, western shirts, big smiles, and overwhelmingly complex rhythmic intricacy!

Some people think they sound kinda like Rush a little bit!
I don’t really think so, but it’s okay if you do, I guess!

Cinéma L’amour :: Seeing is Disbelieving



NICK EVERETT + EVERYBODY – Haligonian Post-Folk Squall-Squad promise to bring those sounds I just described them making! Get melodic. Get heartfelt. Get Quiet//Get Loud!



COBRA & VULTURE – Local Guitar and Drums Trio will be finger picking and harmonizing their way right into your heart and soul, by way of your ears. I guess they might make use of your eyes too. And maybe even your skin, what with the vibrating air and all. Whatever senses you wanna use, get ready for them to be delighted!



That’s Right.
I know you’re excited.
You don’t have to lie about it, baby.
We’re all friends here.

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