Up to Speed

Up to Speed

We’re currently cruising in the comfortable confines of Lester Montana along the final stretch of the number 1 highway, on the way from Winnipeg to the glorious womb of the Apollo in Thunder Bay. The last several days have been a bit of a whirlwind, which is why I’ve been less than diligent with my blog updating duties.

After returning from Vancouver, we had a wonderful show at the Palomino in Calgary. Opening up for some serious heavy rockers JJS3 and the Great Evil, we were a little out of place. The bar was half filled with our friends and family members, and half with leather clad, tattoo bearing metal folk. I’m pleased to say that we held our own, and managed to convert a good chunk of the audience. More good vibes were thrown our way from many of our childhood idols, which made us get a serious case of the proverbial “warm-fuzzies”, as did the copious quantities of free Steam Whistle. All had a lovely night, as far as I could tell!

Ready to Go!

JJS3 Bringing the Metal

The Great Evil bringing the Rock

The next two days were rather insane in the busyness department, but the upshot is that within 48 hours we had test-driven, purchased and temporarily registered our new vehicle, the lovely Lester Montana. Les is a brown 2004 Pontiac Montana, essentially the same vehicle as our beloved Rusty Venture (RIP), only newer and nicer in every way.

Pretty much as Soccer-Mom-ly as they come.

I’m fond of saying that our first van was Rusty, and the second one was Les. Chris likes to go with “Les is more!” Chris also made the trip back up to Edmonton to reclaim the belongings we had left with Rusty at the shop, and to administer last rites.

Rusty Venture (2000 – 2010) ~ RIP

After saying our final goodbyes to friends and family (and stocking up on practically everything we could get our hands on), we headed east, stopping first in Saskatoon.

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