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Hey Pals,
Just wanted to chime in with a brief little update from the road.

On a boat

We’ve made it safe and sound to Newfoundland, played a bunch of excellent shows, and have generally been having a blast.


So far, we’ve driven more than 2000 km, cruised on a boat, played on three different islands, slept in a fishing shack, eaten many a delicious van-which, and devoured an overwhelming number of spitz.

Welcome to Cape Breton

LIMITATIONS has also officially hit the National Campus Community Radio Chart (48/50! Gotta Start Somewhere!), and is also being spun left, right and centre all across the country. Much love to all our Campus/Community radio pals, you’ve really made our day/month/year.

Shoutouts to the bands we’ve played with thus far: The Downwalls, Pioneer Video, Arrows in the Air, and Marcel Cornec (of Todd What? fame).

Good folks, all of ’em.

Chris at Gov's

Right now, we’re hanging out in the lovely Stephenville public library before heading on to Corner Brook for tonight’s gig at The White Horse Lounge. This town is a little bizarre. It used to have a reasonably big US army base, and so all of the streets are named after States. We’re at the corner of Carolina and Georgia.

Also: There is a fighter jet.

Fighter Jet!

We’re also getting majorly excited for this weekend, and our Four Day St. John’s residency. We’ve been getting some great press in town, our Friday gig is Pick of the Week on the St. John’s Scene, and Oh So Much is currently up on the Scope. We’ll also be stopping in on Saturday night at CHMR’s The Party for an interview and a wee bit of carryin’ on.

We’ll be doing the following gigs, hope to see all our St. John’s b’ys out!

THURSDAY:July 25 – St. John’s, NL – Levee
FRIDAY:July 26 – St. John’s, NL – CBTG’s
SATURDAY:July 27 – St. John’s, NL – The Ship
SUNDAY:July 28 – St. John’s, NL – CBTG’s

Cool. Here’s a picture of what happens when we forget to bring a Can Opener with us on tour.

Tour Canopener

Hey Folks,
Just wanted to check in and let you know that we’re hard at work over here at HQ. We’ve been jamming up a storm getting in shape for our show this evening at Quai Des Brumes here in Montréal, and I’ve also been more or less swallowed whole by the mixing process, but I promise I’ll soon emerge victorious with something resembling an “album.” It’s starting to sound seriously real, and we’re quickly going through our post-recording metamorphosis to become the tour hungry beast this time of year tends to bring out in us.


Recently, we had a group of pals come by our place to drink beer and shout in unison at a couple of microphones for the sake of “art.” T’was highly enjoyable, from all accounts.


Also of note: We’ll be doing a quick jaunt through Ontario in the middle of May.
Stay tuned for details on that.

And goodness gracious, I almost forgot to mention the emails. Oh the emails.
Booking a tour requires some serious sending, I’ll say that much.

See you soon,
Gotta get back at it!