Turnaround Time!

Hey Hey Hey!

We’ve successfully made it to the Pacific Ocean, rocked out in Vancouver, and have trekked back across the mountains, making the momentous change in direction from west to east.

We rolled it over.

Barreling down the Number 1 in my mom’s Subaru station wagon, Chris and I crammed ourselves and all of our gear into about half the space we are used to. This left our knees in the location generally reserved for ones ears, but otherwise functioned adequately. This did not dissuade us from our quest, though for a brief moment we were convinced that the gods of mechanics were not with us. Starting with a mild tremor, and building into what could only be described as a violent shake, the ever reliable “Subie” was certainly not living up to the pre I had just affixed to her.

What followed was 15 minutes of awful driving, 8 minutes of near life ending stress, and then the most incredible bit of mechanical magic I have ever witnessed.

Sluggishly pulling into the wee hamlet of Sicamous, BC, we were greeted at the local husky by the most fabulous of news: There was a mechanic in town! He was one block away! Upon our arrival in his office, we began on shaky footing at best, opening with “We’re driving my mom’s car…”

His response was immediate and his action direct. “You’ve got a misfire,” he said with great certainty. When we popped the hood for him, he shouted almost instantaneously, “Oh, there it is!” He then excitedly dove into the engine block, all but disappearing deep into the bowels of the vehicle and emerged moments later, victorious. We started the engine, switched into gear, and felt nothing but the smooth purr of a happy automobile. Our saviour, Arthur of Integra-Tire, waved us off, refusing payment or even a simple hand shake (he was greased up past the elbows!) and sent us on our way.

And on our way we went. Vancouver was rather grey and drizzly, but beautiful none the less. It’s really rather hard to imagine Vancouver in any other state, and I’m glad we were able to witness her most archetypal conditions. After a busy day which began with 3 dollar breakfast, a visit to the ocean, walks through cool places, and delicious delicious sushi we arrived just a tad late to the venerable Cobalt.

Deeply Ironic, for without Drugs there most certainly would not be Doctor Who!

It was lovely to see and play alongside our good friends Man Your Horse once again, sharing stories from the road, comparing van notes, and drinking all the free beer patrick (the bartender/owner) would pour us! It was equally lovely to get to see many of our old friends who had relocated to the west coast. All in all, the rock was brought, and making friends with the night’s headliners (the Barcelona Chair) was the icing on the cake.

Man Your Horse Manning the Rock

The next morning, we turned around. We had made it as far west as we could on this trip (we’re coming for you next time, Vancouver Island!), and were ready to return to alberta, deal with our dead van, and rock out one more time for the hometown crowd!

Sometimes on long drive we get silly and take silly pictures.


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