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Hey Hey Hey!

We’ve successfully made it to the Pacific Ocean, rocked out in Vancouver, and have trekked back across the mountains, making the momentous change in direction from west to east.

We rolled it over.

Barreling down the Number 1 in my mom’s Subaru station wagon, Chris and I crammed ourselves and all of our gear into about half the space we are used to. This left our knees in the location generally reserved for ones ears, but otherwise functioned adequately. This did not dissuade us from our quest, though for a brief moment we were convinced that the gods of mechanics were not with us. Starting with a mild tremor, and building into what could only be described as a violent shake, the ever reliable “Subie” was certainly not living up to the pre I had just affixed to her.

What followed was 15 minutes of awful driving, 8 minutes of near life ending stress, and then the most incredible bit of mechanical magic I have ever witnessed.

Sluggishly pulling into the wee hamlet of Sicamous, BC, we were greeted at the local husky by the most fabulous of news: There was a mechanic in town! He was one block away! Upon our arrival in his office, we began on shaky footing at best, opening with “We’re driving my mom’s car…”

His response was immediate and his action direct. “You’ve got a misfire,” he said with great certainty. When we popped the hood for him, he shouted almost instantaneously, “Oh, there it is!” He then excitedly dove into the engine block, all but disappearing deep into the bowels of the vehicle and emerged moments later, victorious. We started the engine, switched into gear, and felt nothing but the smooth purr of a happy automobile. Our saviour, Arthur of Integra-Tire, waved us off, refusing payment or even a simple hand shake (he was greased up past the elbows!) and sent us on our way.

And on our way we went. Vancouver was rather grey and drizzly, but beautiful none the less. It’s really rather hard to imagine Vancouver in any other state, and I’m glad we were able to witness her most archetypal conditions. After a busy day which began with 3 dollar breakfast, a visit to the ocean, walks through cool places, and delicious delicious sushi we arrived just a tad late to the venerable Cobalt.

Deeply Ironic, for without Drugs there most certainly would not be Doctor Who!

It was lovely to see and play alongside our good friends Man Your Horse once again, sharing stories from the road, comparing van notes, and drinking all the free beer patrick (the bartender/owner) would pour us! It was equally lovely to get to see many of our old friends who had relocated to the west coast. All in all, the rock was brought, and making friends with the night’s headliners (the Barcelona Chair) was the icing on the cake.

Man Your Horse Manning the Rock

The next morning, we turned around. We had made it as far west as we could on this trip (we’re coming for you next time, Vancouver Island!), and were ready to return to alberta, deal with our dead van, and rock out one more time for the hometown crowd!

Sometimes on long drive we get silly and take silly pictures.


Hey All,
Just wanted to let yall know that you can now purchase our brand new single, “Dedicated Dropouts” online via the Objects page.
It was super fun to record, and it has been selling like hotcakes at shows, so I’d suggest you grab it while they last!

Also of note, our show in Ottawa has been confirmed: Saturday September 25th at Avant-Garde Bar with Sugarbush and 40 Watt Monkey.
Should be a total blast, looking forward to it!

That’s all,


Dear Calgary All Ages Scene: Cinéma L’amour Loves You!

Arriving at Tubby Dog nice and early in the Idiot Truck, we were greeted by our many family members in town and we’re glad to learn that not only would we be receiving free meals, but also a delicious case of deliciously free beer! Seriously, these bar tabs are getting way out of control!

The Idiot Truck in all its Glory!

My self, I ordered the weekly special, “the Dan Winnick”, dedicated to a long time supporter of the local scene, a friend to many, and a former coworker of mine who, tragically, recently passed away. His memory was duly cherished and celebrated last night, with many of the attendees coming directly after the wake. Though more than a few hearts in the room were carrying more weight than usual, “somber” would not have been an accurate word to describe the mood.

The eating of a Hot Dog with such toppings as: Bacon Bits, Mayo, Space Cheese, Sriracha, crunchy snack mix and a pickle is quite a serious feat, but myself, my father, my cousin and my aunt all proved up to the task, as proven by pictorial evidence below.



During our gastronomical ordeal, the room began to fill up. Many friendly faces walked through the doors of Tubby Dog, old band mates, all ages scene legends of the early 2000’s, and a new generation of show goers. Seeing the All Ages community still alive and kicking warmed our hearts deeply, as the shows, the people and the music had been such a significant part of our lives.

the Happy New Years!

The first band of the night took to the stage, and devastated the ear drums in the audience with a grungy set of post-industrial synthy noise rock goodness! By the time they had finished their set, the room had begun to heat up. After a quick change over with help from our crew of calgary only roadies (read: friends and family) we were ready to hit the stage.

The room was packed, the sweat was flowing freely, the crowd was screaming, asses were danced off, and love most certainly did abound. Our home city welcomed us with open arms and raised glasses, marking perhaps the best show of our lives thus far. We sold out of both CDs, an entire size of t-shirts (large, which we won’t be able to replace before the end of this tour – sorry!) and all in all had an incredible time. It was wonderful to be surrounded by our peers, elders, and juniors – all of whom were incredibly supportive. We will most certainly be playing another all ages gig in calgary on our next trip out west, as there is truly nothing like it in the world!

After our set, we were followed by Occupied Europe, a fantastic new garage rock band featuring members of one of my fav calgary acts, the Sharp Ends. Building on the energy and excitement of the first two bands, the room practically exploded.

Finishing the night was the young but incredibly talented Jean Sebastian Audet, better known as Faux Fur. Playing accompanied by a CD of drum beats he had recorded earlier that day due to the lack of a drummer for the evening, Jean performed a beautiful set full of haunting guitar lines and reverb soaked vocals. Jean is merely 14 years old, and yet he runs a music blog, has a band, a solo project, and his own micro label, Yew Nork Records. The guy is more active than I am, and I’ve been doing this since I was his age: talk about inspiring.

Keep your eyes and ears open for him, as I imagine he’s only going up from here!

Thanks so much to all of the bands and every member of the audience, we had an unforgettable night. If you happen to be of age and in calgary, don’t forget that we’ll be playing at the Palomino on the 17th (next friday), and we’d love to see more calgary folks out then. We’ll have more CDs, I promise!

Major tubby-love,


Rusty is stranded till monday in Edmonton, so we had to rent a ridiculous SUV which I’ve dubbed the Idiot Truck in order to make it back to Calgary. We’re currently safe in the arms of Parental Generosity and among many old friends.

All we’re missing is an arm and a leg, but all in all we’re still on track!

Looking forward to tomorrow at Tubby Dog!
All Ages!

Also: check this article in FFWD, Calgary’s local arts weekly!

See ya soon!


Hey Hey!

We’re currently at EEC automotive in Edmonton, as our trusty van Rusty has sprung a rather odiferous leak. While the mechanical magicians work their auto-magic, we’re hanging out on a very comfortable couch in the customer lounge. The vibe is very similar to a hospital waiting room, everyone biting their nails in worry and anticipation.

However, before our home on wheels necessitated this brief delay, we’ve been on quite a roll. Last time I posted we were getting ready to watch the reason at Amigo’s in Saskatoon. Well, long story short, they rocked, as did the night’s headliners Bend Sinister. Everyone in the audience seemed to have a great time, as did Chris and I, partly due to a rather inexhaustible bar tab as well as free delicious Mexican deliciousness!

We met a few wonderful people, especially Skot Hamilton (who had hooked us up with the show) and Ryan the sound guy. We are so lucky to have such a supportive bunch of rad folks in the Praries, and are seriously looking forward to our return on September 21st at Caffe Sola.

After a night spent sleeping in the van on the street outside the venue (read: inexhaustible bar tab), we arose early to find the weather seriously grey and our heads in a somewhat similar state. Managing to convert the van from hotel room back into road dog without having to open the doors or step outside into the rain, we took off headed for the highway.

This was a little easier said than done, as the city of Saskatoon seemed to have recently come into a fair chunk of cash and decided to invest in the city’s road network.

Never in my life have I encountered more “Road Closed” signs in a row. Luckily, with the assistance of finicky technological gadgetry we were able to plot an alternate route, (more accurately four alternate routes) and wound up Alberta bound.

Upon returning to the province of our upbringing (and in Kavanagh’s case, birth) we were overjoyed, especially as we watched the price of gas fall by nearly 10 cents! As Chris would say, “oh Alberta, what a magical wonderland!” We arrived in Edmonton and were greeted by our dear old friend Jeffrey Heinrichs, a veteran of our previous band, the Committee of Public Safety. After sharing a wonderful meal and some fond memories, we headed off to the venue and proceeded to encounter yet another inexhaustible bar tab. Cue Chris’ wonderland line yet again.

The opening band were some swell dudes from Vancouver called the Redrick Sultans who blew our minds with some incredible prog-jazz-rock-funtimes-partyexcellent. We’re hopeful we’ll meet up again on the road, as the boys rocked our socks directly into the “off” position.

We also made a great connection with the bar owner Craig who plied us with all kinds of fancy beer and told stories about his days as a musician in Halifax. He was a big fan of our set and picked up everything we had on offer, which was incredibly generous of him. If you’re in the Edmonton area and are in the mood for an incredible beer selection and great live music seven nights a week, Wunderbar is the place to be. We’ll certainly be coming back on our next trip through town, whenever that may be.

Anywho, I think I’ll cut this off here, as I imagine I’ll have to talk some serious van talk in the very near future. Wish us luck, and we’ll see you all in Calgary tomorrow night at Tubby Dog!