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Hey Everyone!

We’re currently chilling out at the fabulous Amigo’s Cantina in Saskatoon, SK, watching our new friends The Reason (from Hamilton, ON) get set up to open up what is sure to be a great show! Our bellies are wonderfully full with only the most delicious of mexican cuisine, and are feeling powered up and ready to rock!

Last night was an amazing show in Winnipeg. Ragpickers Emporium is possibly the coolest vintage store in the country, encompassing an entire building, and containing not only a totally rad clothing store, but also a used bookstore and an upstairs theatre. We were totally blown away by the local bands Absent Sound and Vampires, and had a fantastic set ourselves with a fantastic crowd response. We made a bunch of new friends and are now eagerly awaiting our return to the centre of the country on September 22nd!

Absent sound rocking out at Ragpickers!

We were also extremely lucky to be able to spend the night at possibly the most interesting house we’ve every seen, known simply as “the Mansion”. It’s a rather apt title, as the 100+ year old house in one of the nicest neighbourhoods in Winnipeg had far more rooms than one could count, access to the river, and even a boat house. As independent musicians, this kind of palatial accommodation is extremely foreign to us!

As must be obvious by now, this was no ordinary massive estate. Instead, it had been purchased in the 70’s by a group of likeminded individuals and transformed into a housing co-op. Inhabited mostly by musicians and artists (including members of both Absent Sound and Vampires, as well as the owner of Ragpickers), the Mansion holds jam spaces, parties, and all sorts of other spectacular events. I wish I had been able to snap more photos of the inside, but unfortunately, cell phone batteries do not last forever!

Anyway, we’ve got a rock show to rock right now, so I must be off!

If you’re in Saskatoon and you aren’t at Amigo’s, then you’re seriously missing the boat.

If you’re in Edmonton, we hope to see you tomorrow night at Wunderbar!

Lots of love,


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