The Big Mosey (Part 5)

Mosey to infinity

The ride to Hamilton was a relaxed one, we rolled into the Casbah with plenty of time to spare. A sound check and several drinks later the finely tuned two man machine was ready to play. There was still a couple of hours between then and the show, which left us some time to check out the venue and chat with the other bands. The Casbah is a pretty sweet venue, style to spare and a fine sound set up to boot. As for the other bands, we mostly chatted with the fine gentleman from The American Dollar. Hailing from New York as they do, we discussed the usual set of differences and similarities between Canada and the States. (Beer prices, touring experiences, types of cigarettes, all the important stuff) After buying Kavanagh another drink (for a man should not be allowed to go on stage sober on his birthday) Cinema L’Amour was up to bat, delivering yet another excellent show and even managing to sell some merchandise! The American Dollar finished off the night with a mesmerizing set (complete with timed visuals!), giving us some glorious post-rock to celebrate Chris’ birthday to.

We ended up staying with some friends Chris and Dorian had made last tour, a household of anarchists, specifically a fellow named John. We drank and chatted with John until the early morning, the G20 summit rearing it’s ugly head yet again, and spent the night in the “Library” of the household. It must be said before moving on, John’s house was delightfully far out. The place seemed alive with free flow of people and ideas, John seemed to keep a rather serious open door policy going. Everything seemed to be constructed out of re purposed goods, the library constructed out of 50 or so milk crates spanning a 2 walls of a living room. John had mentioned plans of turning the place into a community center, but it seemed as though it was already pretty well there. In the morning we ate breakfast with John and some of his compatriots, which was turned out to be a surprisingly difficult task. It now being Canada day, it took a good 45 minutes to find somewhere to serve us food. Apparently everyone else had started their celebrations a little earlier than us. Having essentially forgotten Canada day, (surprisingly easy to do when stuck in a van day in, day out) we hastened back to Waterloo. Not only was there a show to be played there that evening, but a nearly forgotten Canada day to be celebrated! The drive back to Waterloo didn’t exactly set things off to a good start though, another flat tire, cruelly within view of the city’s welcome sign. Fate was toying with us that day, but thankfully Dorian’s CAA membership continued to prove it’s worth, we where in the city within the hour. Since no tire shop was open (Again, Canada day) it made getting to the show a bit tricky. If not for the help of our steadfast friends Evan, Emily and Bellingham, it would have been simply non-existent. After a host of transport related shenanigans (and another few drinks for me, Canada day dammit!) we arrived at the venue with little time to spare, but at that point, we were happy to simply have arrived.

The show at Waterloo was to be held in a pool hall, a place called Millsy’s. Personally, I had been hoping for a seedy, grimy pool hall, something with real ambiance. (Of the unsavory variety) To my dismay, and no doubt everyone else’s delight, Millsy’s was a brand new establishment; clean, spacious and pleasant. In Waterloo we know a fair number of people, it being my home town and all, and damned if just about all of them showed up to see the show. The pool hall was rocked thoroughly, many drinks where had, much merriment ensued. My memory grows hazy of the specifics from the rest of that night (might have something to do with those drinks I mentioned…), but I can at least remember it was a hell of a good time. Between that and waking up without any new bruises or mysterious tattoos, I personally considered the Canada day of 2010 to have been a smashing success! Thanks again to all the wonderful people of Waterloo for coming out and having showed us such a great time. Next stop, a day off at Lake Huron!

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