The Big Mosey (Part 4)

Mosey with a vengeance

We arrived in Toronto on the coat-tails of the G20 conference and it’s accompanying protests. While we were too late for the conference itself, we still got to see a protest march against police brutality many hundreds strong, flanked by more bike cops than I had ever seen in one place. The G20 conference had come up in conversation in every city we had visited, and Toronto was certainly no exception. I would go on at length about the various view points of interest discussed, but this is a rock tour blog, not political commentary. Besides, if you live in Canada, you’ve probably already heard your fair share about it anyways. Moving right along, the venue of the evening was the venerable Drake Hotel. The Drake is a gorgeous venue, bursting with aesthetic style and hospitality, offering a “Starving artist buffet” before the show. The show itself didn’t exactly turn out as expected, Cinema L’Amour didn’t get to go on until about 1:30 in the morning, after the local bands had came and went, taking their friends (i.e. the audience) with them. This, coupled with the perfect storm of technical difficulties made for a less than stellar show, but such is life. Undaunted, Cinema L’Amour packed up their things and made ready for the next venue, Hamilton’s Casbah bar. Before that though, some much needed R&R, a day off in my home town, Kitchener Waterloo.

Not too much to tell from the day off, spent lounging, drinking, and walking around Waterloo park with some of our good friends in the city. A pleasant nostalgia trip for myself, and a good opportunity to stretch our atrophying car-cramped muscles and relax without the responsibility of putting on a show. We had to save our strength for the next day anyways, not only was Cinema L’Amour going to be rocking the Casbah, but it was Chris Kavanagh’s birthday, so debauched madness was a must.

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