Hey all! We’ve made it to scenic Thunder Bay, Ontario after two days of (gloriously) uneventful driving.
We went from this:

to this:

By way of a lot of this:

Right now we’re chilling out at the Apollo with our dear friends from our last time out here, Sheila, Tina and Alex.
There is a sign in the window which is excessively apt:

Starting to get pretty excited for our show tomorrow night in Winnipeg with Vampires, it looks like it’s gonna be a wild party at Ragpickers.

Another thing we’re pretty excited about is the fact that we’re going to be releasing a brand new single tomorrow night. Recorded live to air at CJLO last thursday, Dedicated Dropouts is an epic 11 minute single take split into two tracks. Engineered by Lachlan Fletcher and mixed by yours truly (Dorian Scheidt), the CD single will be hand made and individually numbered.

As soon as we’ve got enough of them put together, I’ll make them available online via the Objects page.

For now, here’s a teaser:

Yeah, that’s right. Stencils and spray paint.

Just wanted to let you know we’re still alive.


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