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Hey Hey!

We’re currently at EEC automotive in Edmonton, as our trusty van Rusty has sprung a rather odiferous leak. While the mechanical magicians work their auto-magic, we’re hanging out on a very comfortable couch in the customer lounge. The vibe is very similar to a hospital waiting room, everyone biting their nails in worry and anticipation.

However, before our home on wheels necessitated this brief delay, we’ve been on quite a roll. Last time I posted we were getting ready to watch the reason at Amigo’s in Saskatoon. Well, long story short, they rocked, as did the night’s headliners Bend Sinister. Everyone in the audience seemed to have a great time, as did Chris and I, partly due to a rather inexhaustible bar tab as well as free delicious Mexican deliciousness!

We met a few wonderful people, especially Skot Hamilton (who had hooked us up with the show) and Ryan the sound guy. We are so lucky to have such a supportive bunch of rad folks in the Praries, and are seriously looking forward to our return on September 21st at Caffe Sola.

After a night spent sleeping in the van on the street outside the venue (read: inexhaustible bar tab), we arose early to find the weather seriously grey and our heads in a somewhat similar state. Managing to convert the van from hotel room back into road dog without having to open the doors or step outside into the rain, we took off headed for the highway.

This was a little easier said than done, as the city of Saskatoon seemed to have recently come into a fair chunk of cash and decided to invest in the city’s road network.

Never in my life have I encountered more “Road Closed” signs in a row. Luckily, with the assistance of finicky technological gadgetry we were able to plot an alternate route, (more accurately four alternate routes) and wound up Alberta bound.

Upon returning to the province of our upbringing (and in Kavanagh’s case, birth) we were overjoyed, especially as we watched the price of gas fall by nearly 10 cents! As Chris would say, “oh Alberta, what a magical wonderland!” We arrived in Edmonton and were greeted by our dear old friend Jeffrey Heinrichs, a veteran of our previous band, the Committee of Public Safety. After sharing a wonderful meal and some fond memories, we headed off to the venue and proceeded to encounter yet another inexhaustible bar tab. Cue Chris’ wonderland line yet again.

The opening band were some swell dudes from Vancouver called the Redrick Sultans who blew our minds with some incredible prog-jazz-rock-funtimes-partyexcellent. We’re hopeful we’ll meet up again on the road, as the boys rocked our socks directly into the “off” position.

We also made a great connection with the bar owner Craig who plied us with all kinds of fancy beer and told stories about his days as a musician in Halifax. He was a big fan of our set and picked up everything we had on offer, which was incredibly generous of him. If you’re in the Edmonton area and are in the mood for an incredible beer selection and great live music seven nights a week, Wunderbar is the place to be. We’ll certainly be coming back on our next trip through town, whenever that may be.

Anywho, I think I’ll cut this off here, as I imagine I’ll have to talk some serious van talk in the very near future. Wish us luck, and we’ll see you all in Calgary tomorrow night at Tubby Dog!



Hey Everyone!

We’re currently chilling out at the fabulous Amigo’s Cantina in Saskatoon, SK, watching our new friends The Reason (from Hamilton, ON) get set up to open up what is sure to be a great show! Our bellies are wonderfully full with only the most delicious of mexican cuisine, and are feeling powered up and ready to rock!

Last night was an amazing show in Winnipeg. Ragpickers Emporium is possibly the coolest vintage store in the country, encompassing an entire building, and containing not only a totally rad clothing store, but also a used bookstore and an upstairs theatre. We were totally blown away by the local bands Absent Sound and Vampires, and had a fantastic set ourselves with a fantastic crowd response. We made a bunch of new friends and are now eagerly awaiting our return to the centre of the country on September 22nd!

Absent sound rocking out at Ragpickers!

We were also extremely lucky to be able to spend the night at possibly the most interesting house we’ve every seen, known simply as “the Mansion”. It’s a rather apt title, as the 100+ year old house in one of the nicest neighbourhoods in Winnipeg had far more rooms than one could count, access to the river, and even a boat house. As independent musicians, this kind of palatial accommodation is extremely foreign to us!

As must be obvious by now, this was no ordinary massive estate. Instead, it had been purchased in the 70’s by a group of likeminded individuals and transformed into a housing co-op. Inhabited mostly by musicians and artists (including members of both Absent Sound and Vampires, as well as the owner of Ragpickers), the Mansion holds jam spaces, parties, and all sorts of other spectacular events. I wish I had been able to snap more photos of the inside, but unfortunately, cell phone batteries do not last forever!

Anyway, we’ve got a rock show to rock right now, so I must be off!

If you’re in Saskatoon and you aren’t at Amigo’s, then you’re seriously missing the boat.

If you’re in Edmonton, we hope to see you tomorrow night at Wunderbar!

Lots of love,


Hey all! We’ve made it to scenic Thunder Bay, Ontario after two days of (gloriously) uneventful driving.
We went from this:

to this:

By way of a lot of this:

Right now we’re chilling out at the Apollo with our dear friends from our last time out here, Sheila, Tina and Alex.
There is a sign in the window which is excessively apt:

Starting to get pretty excited for our show tomorrow night in Winnipeg with Vampires, it looks like it’s gonna be a wild party at Ragpickers.

Another thing we’re pretty excited about is the fact that we’re going to be releasing a brand new single tomorrow night. Recorded live to air at CJLO last thursday, Dedicated Dropouts is an epic 11 minute single take split into two tracks. Engineered by Lachlan Fletcher and mixed by yours truly (Dorian Scheidt), the CD single will be hand made and individually numbered.

As soon as we’ve got enough of them put together, I’ll make them available online via the Objects page.

For now, here’s a teaser:

Yeah, that’s right. Stencils and spray paint.

Just wanted to let you know we’re still alive.