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After a day of recovery in Sydney, we boarded the night ferry crossing to Port Aux Basques, NL. We had an extremely smooth crossing, though the bar area of the ferry in which we had set up camp was also occupied by an indeterminate and seemingly ever expanding number of high school aged tourists. Needless to say, there was some serious Drama afoot. There were teary eyes, supportive statements, all kinds of hugs, and a truly impressive amount of texting. I thought I was a digital native, but these kids made even my (somewhat embarrassing) iPhone addiction look totally unplugged and out of touch.

I didn’t mean to observe them with quite so much scrutiny, but we were in seriously close quarters and I was seriously unable to sleep.

(Here endeth the grumpy old man’s tirade against ‘kids these days’)

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I apologize for the slowdown in my blogging this last week, but you see we’ve been in Newfoundland, have seen the sun rise 5 times in the last seven days, and have generally been having way too much fun to encapsulate in words. As I write this, we’re zipping our way along the Trans Canada from St. John’s all the way to Port Aux Basques, where we’ll be catching the ferry back to the mainland over night. I’ll do my best to catch you up to speed with our adventures, and so without further ado, back to the story!

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I awoke staring up into a blue sky dotted with clouds. The skylight was only a foot or two above my head, and in my groggy early morning state, I could barely make out its edges. The swift contact my forehead made with the drywall quickly and unequivocally established the boundaries between my blissed out hazy dream state and the harsh (and slightly hungover) reality of the day.

I was sleeping in “the Tree Fort,” a creaky makeshift loft bed in the living room of our new home away from home in Halifax’s north end. Oh, and what a home it is. Filled to the brim with musicians and artists, and complete with an excellent Jam Room and DIY recording studio (also: gorgeous backyard and super friendly dog Timber), it seemed more or less like paradise. Talking to Nick, Scott and Adam (the infamous Nick Everett and Everybody), we learned that the house had been passed along through musicians circles for at least the last four or five years, and had been the site of countless rehearsals, recording sessions, and house shows.

Needless to say, we were very excited to add one of our own to that innumerable list.
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Hey Digital Follower Folks,
Right now, I’m sitting in a McDonald’s in Sydney, NS, up on Cape Breton Island. They’re advertising a McLobster Sandwich out front, but I couldn’t bring myself to risk one of my favourite foods being desecrated by such an insidious and grotesque chain. Pretty much the only thing I trust ‘em with is a fountain soda. Can’t screw that up too badly.

No Caption Necessary

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We spent the weekend in Sackville, hanging out with Chris’ family and all our new friends in town. On saturday night, we had the excellent fortune to be around for an epic show featuring locals Astral Gunk, Yellow Teeth, PEI’s The North lakes, and Halifax’s Quaker Parents.

Quaker Parents doing their rock thing!

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