Still At It!

Hey Folks,
Just wanted to check in and let you know that we’re hard at work over here at HQ. We’ve been jamming up a storm getting in shape for our show this evening at Quai Des Brumes here in Montréal, and I’ve also been more or less swallowed whole by the mixing process, but I promise I’ll soon emerge victorious with something resembling an “album.” It’s starting to sound seriously real, and we’re quickly going through our post-recording metamorphosis to become the tour hungry beast this time of year tends to bring out in us.


Recently, we had a group of pals come by our place to drink beer and shout in unison at a couple of microphones for the sake of “art.” T’was highly enjoyable, from all accounts.


Also of note: We’ll be doing a quick jaunt through Ontario in the middle of May.
Stay tuned for details on that.

And goodness gracious, I almost forgot to mention the emails. Oh the emails.
Booking a tour requires some serious sending, I’ll say that much.

See you soon,
Gotta get back at it!


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