Spring Tour Announcement!

Cinéma L’amour Announce Eastern Canadian Tour

This coming May and June, Montréal’s most charmingly nerdy loop-rock duo are taking their mind bending live show on the road, with plans to blanket the Maritimes, Newfoundland, and Southern Ontario in dropped jaws and melted faces yet again. With their latest single (Long Drives//Empty Bottles) in tow and a slew of new songs, the pair are ready to cement their reputation for one of the most unique and impressive live shows out there.

Formed back in the heady days of mid-2009, childhood friends Chris Kavanagh (Drums, Keyboards) and Dorian Scheidt (Guitar, Voice, Pedal Board Tap Dance) set out to satisfy their craving for music that would keep their ADD ravaged attention spans locked in place. Using guitar, drums, voice, and an absurd array of effects and loopers, the pair craft seamless pieces spanning continents and decades of influence and inspiration. Dorian Scheidt’s layered vocal melodies, bass lines and occasionally aggressive guitar riffs are all anchored by Chris Kavanagh’s relentlessly inventive drum performances. Bouncing between moods, tones and entire genres with fluidity and grace, Cinéma L’amour are most assuredly “Something Else.”

May 11 – Sackville, NB – Struts Gallery
May 14 – Moncton, NB – Plan B
May 15 – Charlottetown, PEI – TBA
May 16 – Halifax, NS – Gus’ Pub
May 17 – Truro, NS – TBA
May 18 – Halifax, NS – House Show
May 19 – Sydney, NS – Governor’s
May 22 – Stephenville, NL – Clancy’s
May 23 – Corner Brook, NL – Whitehorse Lounge
May 24 – St. John’s, NL – The Levee
May 25 – St. John’s, NL – All Ages Early Show – The Rocket Room
May 25 – St. John’s, NL – CBTG’s
May 26 – St. John’s, NL – The Ship
May 29 – Sydney, NS – Governor’s
May 30 – TBA
May 31 – Fredericton, NB – Gallery Connexion
June 1 – St. John, NB – Early Show @ Backstreet Records
June 1 – St. John, NB – The Somerset
June 2 – Montréal, QC – Jackie & Judy
June 5 – Peterborough, ON – The Spill
June 6 – Toronto, ON – Rancho Relaxo
June 7 – Kitchener/Waterloo, ON
June 8 – Hamilton, ON – Homegrown Hamilton

“If you listened to these guys with your eyes closed you’d think you had at least a 3 to 4 piece band playing for you… Kavanagh bangs ferociously at his drums with obvious skill, and Scheidt peeks over a sea of guitar pedals, looping his erratic vocals and distorted guitar to create veritable walls of sound.” – Meet you at the Show

“You wind up staring in curious fascination, trying to figure out what exactly Dorian is doing between guitar riffs and loops and how Chris learned to play the way he can… at about the point where Dorian yells, ‘Let us not waste our youth,’ I realized these guys were onto something.” – Sun On The Sand

“Modesty aside, the duo has no inhibitions — and it lets it all hang loose — at least on a sonic level. Claiming influences as diverse as minimalist classical to sludge metal and a newfound interest in funk, their complex compositions are equally shaped by guitarist-vocalist Scheidt’s daisy-chain of effects pedals and Kavanagh’s off-kilter percussive flourishes.” – FFWD Magazine


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