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Limitations Cover

This July and August, Montréal based art rock duo Cinéma L’amour will be hitting the road in support of their debut album, LIMITATIONS.

After releasing the album and celebrating their 100th show on May 31st to a packed house in Montréal, the pair will be bringing their mind bending live performance to venues all across the Maritimes and Newfoundland.

The album is available for streaming and mail order Right Here!


July 13 – Montréal, QC – The Plant
July 17 – Sackville, NB
July 18 – Charlottetown, PEI – Babas
July 19 – Halifax, NS – Lawrence House
July 20 – Antigonish, NS
July 23 – Stephenville, NL – Clancy’s
July 24 – Corner Brook, NL – White Horse Lounge
July 25 – St. John’s, NL – Levee
July 26 – St. John’s, NL – CBTG’s
July 27 – St. John’s, NL – The Ship
July 28 – St. John’s, NL – CBTG’s
July 31 – Sydney, NS – Governor’s Pub
August 1 – Halifax, NS – Gus’ Pub
August 2 – Saint John, NB
August 3 – Fredericton, NB
August 5 – Moncton, NB – Plan B

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Kind Words

“On stage, Cinema L’Amour is a blur. Brainwork cedes to footwork as Dorian tap dances across his pedal board, head swiveling between his two mics. Chris, armed with sticks, throws out time signatures and tempo shifts with prenatural ease. Song sections are rarely repeated, and you’d be hard-pressed to find verse-chorus structures, but the tunes are catchy–pop territory into which the two willingly traverse.”

“Cinema L’Amour’s talent presented in Limitations is unique and incredibly driven… there’s a little bit of Buke and Gase, a speck of early Incubus, some funk elements right alongside some harder rock, at times in the same song.”
Forget the Box

“More Musicianship on stage than an Entire Symphony.”
Raymond Biesinger

(514) 618 2927

Limitations Stack

On Friday, May 31st, 2013, Cinéma L’amour will be releasing their Debut Full Length Album, “Limitations.”

To celebrate the release, the band will be performing its 100th show.

You are cordially invited to join us at Brasserie Beaubien, 73 Rue Beaubien Est at 9 pm in Montréal. Cinéma L’amour will appear alongside the irrefutable Saxsyndrum and the as yet ungoogleable Loosestrife.

Find the event on Facebook Right Here.

Album Launch Poster
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Hey hey!
Welcome Welcome!

This right here, this is the brand new, totally re-vamped CINEMALAMOURTHEBAND.COM! Thanks for stopping in to check it out!

In between bouts of studio induced insanity, I’ve been coding away like the busiest of all the beavers.

Seriously Meta

Seriously Meta

If it weren’t for the wildly over-developed calluses I’ve got going on due to all the guitar I’ve been playing, my fingers would be worn to the bone from all the typing.

Okay, maybe not.

But Still!

Also of note: We’ve got another local show on the horizon!

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Hey All,

Lil bit of fresh press hit the web this morning. Check out what Indecent Xposure had to say about our show last month at Brasserie Beaubien.

“It all seemed rehearsed but each song, one after the other gave off the feel that it was never played quite exactly like this and you were the first person hearing it. It would have been an insult to call it fragile, because it was unbreakable, and equally an insult to call it tough because that wasn’t from where the sounds derived their power.”

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Is gonna be a pretty good year, by my estimation.

Right now I’m holed up in a room with great big windows, filled to the brim with amplifiers, microphones, and various other implements of Noise.

By the end of the month, I plan to emerge with some solid proof of all these songs we’ve been carting back and forth across the country these last few years.

But before that, we’re hitting the stage!
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