Returning to Sappyville

Hey there,
Right now, I’m sitting in a hotel room in scenic Sackville, NB. There are porcelain dolls everywhere. Everything in our room is blue, flowery, and trimmed with lace. It is… unique.


We’re staying a hotel this weekend because we’re in the company of Chris’ family. It’s convocation weekend, and his sister will be walking across the stage to shake hands with Peter Mansbridge (no kidding!) on Monday, so the whole Kavanagh Clan have joined us for the first few days of tour.



Due to the number of convocators in the Sackville music community, we had quite a multigenerational performance at Struts Gallery last night. Not only were Chris’ parents, sister and Grandmother in attendance, there was at least one other set of Grandparents in the venue. We’re serious about this whole all ages thing.

Prepping CDs before the show

The lineup was nicely mixed with locals the Moany Jitchels playing their first “real” show to open the night, followed by east coast legends Construction and Destruction from Port Greville, NS.

The Jitchels brought amazing energy and a healthy dose of sassy swagger to the space, and Construction and Destruction’s measured poise had the audience rapt with attention.

Moany Jitchels rocking out.


Construction and Destruction swapping instruments like champs!

We finished off the evening with a short and sweet set of new and old songs. Some rocking out was done, there was some dancing along, and even a wee bit of hootin’ and hollerin’. It was great seeing so many faces we recognized from our last visit to town, and it was awesome to make so many new friends.

As is seemingly always the case in Sackville, as soon as the show was over almost 100% of the attendees, performers and venue staff migrated to Ducky’s Pub. We had great chats with the other musicians, fans, and even got offered another show in town. We’re extremely excited to announce we’ll be playing a house show at 15 allison on May 30th, should be a blast!

As things got late, my memory starts getting cloudy.

I can say with some certainty that there was a keg stand.

This morning, it took a while to recover, I’ll say that much.

We’ll be chilling out in town all weekend, and then on Monday it’s off to Moncton and Plan B.

Can’t wait,


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