Here is a selection of Interviews, Show Reviews, Ep Reviews and other ink spilled on our behalf from the last several years.

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“It all seemed rehearsed but each song, one after the other gave off the feel that it was never played quite exactly like this and you were the first person hearing it. It would have been an insult to call it fragile, because it was unbreakable, and equally an insult to call it tough because that wasn’t from where the sounds derived their power.”
Show Review/Interview – Indecent Exposure

“The fluctuations in rhythm and tempo keep Kavanagh tempered on drums, though the rolling toms and dynamic range of his cymbal hits show the originality he can bring to his backing role. Scheidt’s layered guitars and bright tenor voice are looped and panned, doubled and delayed into a stew of rounds and harmonies.”
Interview – the Link newspaper

“I’ve had the pleasure of following Cinéma L’Amour from their very beginnings and have been constantly impressed and often entranced. Dorian Scheidt and Chris Kavanagh deliver one hell of a show with Kavanagh’s beat wielding super powers (and kick ass shirts) and Scheidt’s guitar and loop pedal mastery.”
Pop Montréal Picks – Forget The Box

Older Interviews, Concert Reviews, CD Reviews, etc.

Interview – Here Magazine

Show Review – Meet You At The Show

Interview – Meet You At The Show

Interview – FFWD Calgary

Interview – CJLO 1690AM’s Dirty Work (podcast including 3 songs live to air!)

EP Review – Trendwhore

Show Review, January 29th, 2010 – Sun on the Sand

Show Review, January 17th 2010 – Meet You at the Show