Pegged Again

Winnipeg is quickly becoming one of our favourite cities in the country, having now played there as many times as Toronto. This, despite the fact that it’s more than 4 times the distance and has less than a quarter of the population. I can now also say that the crowds there have started infinitely more mosh pits to Conviction than Torontonians ever have. All three of our appearances in Winnipeg have been in the Exchange district, all taking place within 2 blocks of each other.

Upon our arrival, we loaded in to the Rudolph Rocker, up on the third floor of 91 Albert street, the legendary home of many of Winnipeg’s workers co-ops, including the Mondragon cafe and G7 Welcoming Committee records. Unlike our first show in Winnipeg back in May, we had an army of locals helping to cart our stuff up the stairs; it seemed as though the promises to bring friends to the next show we heard on the way out had been lived up to. All the local bands played killer sets, the place was full, and crazy dancing ensued.

Narwhal Strike

Pop Crimes


We spent the night back in the venerable halls of the Mansion, and I even managed to snap a couple more photos of the place, though they still fail to properly capture the majesty within.

The Speaker Tree

Riverfront View!


The next morning, (closer to afternoon, really) we piled back into the van, and kept moving eastward.

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