PART 9: Fredericton

Gallery Connexion in Fredericton is a pretty amazing place, and for some reason I took almost no pictures of it. Located in the basement of an otherwise generic commercial building, the gallery contained several different exhibits and installations. In one room, giant mounds of disconnected computer keys littered the floor, and on the wall were framed messages assembled from the same old keyboards.

It was neat, you’ll just have to trust me!

The opening band, Two Piece Empire were perhaps the only other “loop-rock” duo we’ve ever played with, and we had a blast swapping tips and tricks together.

After the show, we headed back to the gallery booker’s place. Maggie had recently held an art show/concert in her home, and the remnants of it were still evident. Some of her own work was displayed, which was pretty excellent.

We also had an encounter with the most energetic cat we’d run into so far on this tour. It refused to stay put for long in any one place, but I managed to capture a couple of action shots.


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