PART 8: Reality Check

After failing to successfully locate Sunnyvale Trailer Park in Dartmouth, NS, we crossed the harbour bridge and found ourselves in downtown Halifax. It was a rather grey day, and we were in rather grey shape ourselves after getting “caperized” so effectively the night before.

This is Real.

As a bit of a birthday celebration, we found ourselves a local wing night and spicy happiness quickly ensued.

After the wings, we got down to the bar, and met up with locals Kuato and major/minor. We had a bit of a weird encounter with the bouncer at the bar who informed us that it was against the law in Nova Scotia to bring our water bottles inside. We had a bit of a tough time believing this, but he had no trouble at all enforcing it. According to him, the liquor commission people are crazy in Nova Scotia, and they can’t afford to take any chances ever. It seemed as though we had exited our incredible maritime paradise and were facing a harsh reentry into reality.

Luckily, rock still exists in the real world, and we had a wonderful show. Both the local bands played excellent sets of explosive post rock.



Thankfully, after the show we were able to avoid another all night house party, and had a quiet and restful night at our buddy Zach’s place.

The next day, we went for some delicious burritos, and then wandered around the old Halifax citadel. It’s quite the sight!

Halifax, we’ll do you up right proper the next time we swing through.

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