We awoke bleary eyed, at some point in the middle of the afternoon. Stumbling out of the house on Long’s Hill, we headed the only direction that our tired legs could take us: down. We had but one mission: to experience the legendary Newfoundland breakfast tradition of “Toutons.” Though they had refused to tell us what exactly we were in for, our new friends the night before had made us promise that we would consume nothing but the finest Toutons that Velma’s on Water St. had to offer. We were excited (though perhaps a tad nervous!).

Toutons, as it turns out, are totally delicious. They consist of nothing but fried bread dough, and you eat them with molasses. Excellent.

After our scrumptious meal, we headed over to the lovely Living Planet to pick up the emergency order of T-shirts we’d had done up to bolster our fast declining stocks. The people were fantastically courteous, and also incredibly speedy, which was excellent.


Next up was an oil change. Keeping Lester in fighting form is a top priority!

For the Record

The evening’s show was with a couple of local bands who apparently play pretty regularly at CB’s. We were up first, and managed to pull in a pretty decent crowd for midnight on a Friday (which is extremely early, by George Street standards). Seeing a bunch of friendly faces in the crowd was pretty fabulous for our second day in town, and we even received a gift from an audience member.

I’d like to take a moment here to tell you about Cinéma L’amour’s biggest fan, Dennis. Dennis loves music. Dennis makes music. Dennis is music… Kind of. When a band finished a song, Dennis screams. For, like, a while. Like, upwards of 45 seconds. It’s awe-inspiring. He was also able to sing along to almost every song by the second show, which was a CL first. Also also, he had spent the day handcrafting a triple CD mix for us of his own material, which he records under the name Midnight Supper. He’s been involved in the RPM challenge a few years running, and we highly recommend you check him out.

The Corroborators

Anyhow, both the Corroborators and DT and the Dinosaurs brought significant quantities of rock. It was great. The love was felt throughout the bar.

DT and the Dinosaurs

After Sandy had cleared all the customers out of the bar (around 3:45), we hung out with DT and the CBTG’s crew for a while, before being told that there was only one option left for the evening: Bar None.

Bar None is the “musician’s after bar”, a pub which operates outside the conventional realm of the law. I can’t go into two much detail, but I can say that when we left I could barely stand, my eyes were watering, and the sun was rising. This was not out of the ordinary, according to our hosts.

Somehow, we made it back to Long’s Hill.

The Long's Hill Living Room

I’ll never understand how.

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