PART 6: NFLDRUNK (Oh Yes B’y!) – Part 1 of 3

My My my have we had a time. Right now we’re zipping down the highway on our way back to Port Aux Basques. We’ll be taking the overnight ferry back to Cape Breton, and tomorrow we’re performing live on Caper Radio (at 4 pm!), and playing at Upstairs with John Gill! Picking up shows while on the road rules!

Since I last gave an update, we’ve played 4 shows, made countless new friends, been to the easternmost tip of the continent, eaten delicious Fi’ n Chi’, been screeched in, and been out past sunrise every night.

What a marvelous part of the world!

On Wednesday night, we played at a beautiful little pub in Corner Brook called the Bar Room. Once again, we were the only act playing that night, and without any kind of local promotion we ended up playing to the bar staff. Usually, when a band plays to the bar staff, they walk away empty handed, with no new fans and no new friends. With the staff at the Bar Room, this was not the case. Awesome group of people, amazing place, can’t wait to come back!

Upon our arrival in St. John’s the following evening, we had a few hours to spare before loading in at the bar. We decided to take a walk downtown in search of some serious “authenticity” which was known to be in the region. Walking down George Street at 6 PM is like walking through an amusement park on the last day of school. It’s almost too quiet, only a few people around in the corners putting the finishing touches on their preparations. No one really talks about it, but everyone knows than in merely a few hours the place will be crawling with revelers, packed full to bursting.

It is Serious Party Infrastructure.

Our first stop was a lovely little pub called Kelly’s, which was just a few blocks down from what was to become our home away from home in St. John’s, CBTG’s. We picked Kelly’s for no real reason other than it’s offer of inexpensive fish and chips, but we couldn’t have been happier with our decision. First off, there was a live folk singer playing (for free) to the bar at 8 ish when we walked in, which was excellent. Second, the fish and chips were both cheap, and delicious. Third, during our meal, the performer on stage announced that he would be joined for his next number by one of St. John’s most celebrated tap dancers, a gentleman well in to his 70’s, from what we could tell.

I have proof of this:

Seriously, couldn’t have had a better first impression if we’d tried!

Next up, it was time to load in and meet our hosts for the weekend, the lovely crew down at CBTG’s. The first thing I noticed was that the promoter for the show was someone I’d met in my youth, Davey of the legendary Canadian punk band The Brat Attack. He and everyone else in the place seemed really excited to watch us play, which was a lovely experience. We sold almost as many CD’s before the show as we did afterwards, which has to be a good sign. Lots of awesome locals joined us on Thursday, and we played to a wonderfully enthusiastic crowd, who all promised to bring their friends to the next couple shows.

Kate Pike and the Off White Might

Brother Malhonnête

After the show, we wound up hanging out at the bar with Sandy, the owner and Newt, the ex-owner of the bar next door till something absurd like 5 am. We learned lots of local politics and shared many road stories. It was fabulous. I can’t say I remember it all that clearly, but the warm glow of love certainly remains.

Flyer for the next couple nights

We managed to stumble home to our buddy Steve Doyle’s place on Long’s Hill (which is both long, and a hill, for the record) crashed out, excited as all hell for day two!

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