PART 4: StephenChill

Right now I’m sitting in the Corner Brook Public Library, overlooking the town and its rather significant number of hills. This is now our third day in NFLD, and we’re getting ready for our second show on the rock (and the 5th show of the tour, for those keeping count) tonight at the Bar Room.

First sight of Newfoundland!

Someone lives there.

We spent a couple of pretty relaxing days in Stephenville after getting off the ferry, even going so far as to stay in a motel room (!), a Cinéma L’amour tour first. It’s an interesting town, to be sure. Due to the large American military presence in the area as recently as the 1970’s, the majority of the streets in Stephenville are named after states. We couldn’t find a Hawaii street, but we saw pretty much all the others. They’ve also got a retired USAF jet on the main road into town, positioned proudly across the street from the Town Hall.

Our show was a little under promoted due to the occasional shortcomings of digital communication services (alongside my own absentmindedness), but it turned out just fine in the end. We sang a few rounds of happy birthday with the crowd (there was not one but two birthday girls in attendance – HBD Meg and Mel!), had some nice chats with the locals and played a fairly low-key set. The locals assured us we should come back come summer time, as the townies would be out in full force.

After the show, we spent our first night in the van on this tour, which worked out pretty darn well. We’ve got Lester set up mighty comfortable, and luckily the weather has been pretty decent to us so far. Hopefully we won’t have too many more van nights this tour, but things could certainly be far worse. In the spirit of roughing it, we decided to set up the Coleman stove to make soup for breakfast in the morning.

We had a bit of a scare last night when the Twin Reverb started making death like crackling sounds, but luckily we were able to find a music shop in Corner Brook where the problem was not at all present, leading us to believe sketchy power at Clancy’s may have been to blame. I’ll let you know if the issue reappears, but here’s hoping it doesn’t!

Major thanks to Village music for letting us make loud sounds in the middle of the afternoon!

Anyway, I must be off, as we’ve gotta get prepared for tonight’s show.



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