The Confederation Bridge is a rather magnificent piece of engineering. It is the largest bridge over open water in the world, and spans an incredible goreadthewikipediaarticle meters. Sadly our streak of good weather-luck had come to a rather abrupt end, and by the time we were on the bridge the visibility was so poor that I decided not to take any pictures. It’s wonder, however, pales in comparison to the place and the people on the other side.

Once on the island, we had our priorities set: I needed a Lobster Burger, and we were keeping our eyes peeled for “quaint” of all descriptions. We found both with great speed and efficiency. We also encountered way more “awesome” than either of us were anticipating.

(not the first time our name has been written in Italian.)

From my (limited) experience, it is not actually possible to walk through a door on Prince Edward Island without having someone hold it open for you. If you wish to carry things unassisted, you best do it under cover of darkness in an abandoned area. If you want to pay for drinks, don’t play music.

As soon as we arrived at The Alibi, Jodi the bartender had me smitten with her glorious accent and demeanor, and Chris the owner insisted that I arm-wrestle Bruce the potato farmer (and member of Low Lights, the other band) for the right to close out the evening. I made a valiant effort but was unable to defeat him. Thus: we played first and were immediately overwhelmed with the crowds support. Dancing ensued. I’m certain that I heard both “hooting” and “hollering” at various points during the set. The crowd wasn’t large, but their enthusiasm could have filled a room twice the size.

We pretty much had a nuclear blast.

Low lights hit the stage after us and offered up an extremely tight set of melodic and occasionally heavy indyish rock and roll tunes. At one point during their set, a gentleman who had perhaps imbibed a wee bit too much that evening decided (with the help of the bouncer) that exiting the bar via a couple of overturned tables was the right course of action. Never before have I seen an entire bar erupt into applause at the arrival of the police, but there is a first time for everything, eh?

(They also had weird sinks. Just so ya know.)

I also must take time to mention one of the greatest culinary experiences of my young life, the Pizazz Burger. Chef (and owner, and booker, and sound guy, and generally awesome dude) Chris Coupland has created a work of true genius: a 100% PEI beef burger with PEI FRENCH FRIES ON IT! And the sauce! OH THE SAUCE! MY GOD MAN!

It’s not even fair.

Coming from Alberta, we grew up with great pride in our home province’s Beef, but I must say that PEI truly gives us a run for our money.

We ended up hanging out at the bar with the staff till far later than was reasonable, and when we finally dragged ourselves back to the home of Low Lights, the madness only continued. Our 18 hours in PEI were perhaps the most insane in our career thus far.

Can’t wait to get back there!

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