PART 10: the Second Sack

If you recall, our first show of the tour took place in Sackville, NB, at Pickles Deli. The next afternoon, we found ourselves in a small room surrounded by headphones, speakers, and microphones that strongly resembled a radio station. Due to the great success of these two encounters, we wound up being invited to perform in our new friends Elliot and Ben’s living room 2 weeks later.

It was an invite we had absolutely zero interest in refusing.

Another serious perk of returning to Sackville was another opportunity to visit what we’ve dubbed “the Omega Cafeteria”. Seriously Mount Allison students, you guys have got it made. Chris and I once again wandered around aimlessly, eyes gleaming with delight, every new salad bar option or delicious roasted whatever pushing us to new heights of free food ecstasy. Surrounded, as we were by students in the middle of exams, tired of eating in the same room for an entire year, we looked rather out of place. But no matter, we enjoyed every last morsel, including the ice cream.

We found this amazing pamphlet

Chris was pleased

The house party that followed was crammed full of both people and excellence. We were super lucky to have local rockers John Wayne Cover Band perform first, and they effectively raised the temperature several degrees!

the House!

By the time we took the floor, everyone was in proper rock mode, and we had a blast! Major thanks to our Sackville Family for making it happen for us, we can’t wait to return!


At 4 am, we found ourselves on the roof of a building overlooking downtown with crazy smiles on our faces. Maria, you rock.

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