PART 1: Sackville is a really easy target for bad puns.

It all began with an 11-hour drive from Montreal to Sackville, New Brunswick. Seeing as neither Chris nor I have ever had the opportunity to visit the east coast before now, every single kilometer was the furthers east we’d ever been on the continent. Exciting Stuff.

Upon arriving in town, we were immediately whisked off to the very finest of Sackville’s three drinking establishments: Ducky’s. We met up with one of the promoters and several friends, were almost completely submerged in beer, and had to be gently ushered out by the (most excellent and attractive) staff at some point in between last call and day break.

After a day’s worth of recovery time, a walk around the waterfowl park, a wild and crazy CD making session and a visit to the most elaborate and extensive residence cafeteria we had ever encountered (seriously: All you can eat buffet//pulled pork sandwiches//PEI potato fries//generic Asian stir fry//8 kinds of ice cream//2 salad bars//spicy chicken Caesar wrap//OMG!) the time for the inaugural show of the tour was upon us.

As we loaded our gear in through the kitchen of pickles Deli, it became pretty clear that we were in for a treat. The smells were unreasonably delicious. The meats were freshly sliced, the cheeses cured to perfection. Smiles = Genuine. After a few delays (we had to wait for the musical performance in the café next door to finish) the place had begun to fill up, and local openers Local Motive took to the stage (floor).

These kids had some serious chops, and a radical funk influenced vibe. Their lead singer also had some significant pipes, bringing the soul ferociously. We were smitten. High Fives abounded. We had a total blast playing for the assembled deli crowd, and were able to coax some people in from the street outside for a sandwich and some delicious rock and roll. Many new friends were made, and I have to say that Dave at Pickles makes perhaps the best Pulled Pork sandwich I’ve ever had. It was bordering on unreasonably tasty.

After the show, we found ourselves somehow back within the cozy confines of Ducky’s, surrounded by even more friendly faces and beer and laughs and scotch and I’m sorry but you really have to leave last call was an hour ago.

The next morning (read: mid afternoon) we arose to a pair of very attractive proposals. 1) Return to the omega cafeteria for even more spectacularly free food (thanks Marlisse!). 2) Stick around for a few hours and tag along to the aforementioned Marlisse’s radio show on CHMA. Needless to say, we engaged in both of these endeavors with great vehemence. Sackville radio listeners will not soon forget our tenure as overlords of the airwaves, to be sure.

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