On Friday, May 31st, 2013, Cinéma L’amour will be releasing their Debut Full Length Album, “Limitations.”

To celebrate the release, the band will be performing its 100th show.

You are cordially invited to join us at Brasserie Beaubien, 73 Rue Beaubien Est at 9 pm in Montréal. Cinéma L’amour will appear alongside the irrefutable Saxsyndrum and the as yet ungoogleable Loosestrife.

Find the event on Facebook Right Here.

Album Launch Poster
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Hey Folks,
Just wanted to check in and let you know that we’re hard at work over here at HQ. We’ve been jamming up a storm getting in shape for our show this evening at Quai Des Brumes here in Montréal, and I’ve also been more or less swallowed whole by the mixing process, but I promise I’ll soon emerge victorious with something resembling an “album.” It’s starting to sound seriously real, and we’re quickly going through our post-recording metamorphosis to become the tour hungry beast this time of year tends to bring out in us.


Recently, we had a group of pals come by our place to drink beer and shout in unison at a couple of microphones for the sake of “art.” T’was highly enjoyable, from all accounts.


Also of note: We’ll be doing a quick jaunt through Ontario in the middle of May.
Stay tuned for details on that.

And goodness gracious, I almost forgot to mention the emails. Oh the emails.
Booking a tour requires some serious sending, I’ll say that much.

See you soon,
Gotta get back at it!


Progress on the album continues!

We’ve finished tracking (except for one more Sax line and a gang vocal or two), and we’ve moved all our gear back into our loft from the jam space we’ve been using to record the last two months.

Gear back in the loft

The gear has landed back in the loft!

So Many Layers

Each song is incredibly dense and complex, and it’s a serious challenge to maintain maximum clarity of each and every layer. It’s not rare to be fighting with 15 guitar tracks, 2 basses, synth and about 8 different versions of myself Oohing, Aaahing and shouting in unison.

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Hey hey!
Welcome Welcome!

This right here, this is the brand new, totally re-vamped CINEMALAMOURTHEBAND.COM! Thanks for stopping in to check it out!

In between bouts of studio induced insanity, I’ve been coding away like the busiest of all the beavers.

Seriously Meta

Seriously Meta

If it weren’t for the wildly over-developed calluses I’ve got going on due to all the guitar I’ve been playing, my fingers would be worn to the bone from all the typing.

Okay, maybe not.

But Still!

Also of note: We’ve got another local show on the horizon!

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