Dear Friends,

In our first year of existence, Cinéma L’amour has played 38 shows alongside nearly 100 fantastic bands including Future of the Left, the Hoof and the Heel, the Luyas, Man Your Horse, Play Guitar, Absent Sound, The Reason, Faux Fur, Locomotive 8, Ultra Mega, Bend Sinister, Vampires, Welsh Cinema and many, many others. We’ve been on tour four times, driven over 20000 kilometers (in 6 different vehicles), seen the great lakes, the prairies, the mountains, and the pacific ocean. We’ve performed in legendary venues across the country including the Cobalt in Vancouver, Amigos Cantina in Saskatoon, the Drake hotel in Toronto, and Casa Del Popolo in Montreal. We’ve also played in a suburban living room in Waterloo, a vintage clothing and book store in Winnipeg, a hot dog restaurant in Calgary, an art gallery in Ottawa, and a few late night loft parties here at home.

We’ve also self released an EP and a Single, sold out of both and reprinted them multiple times, been written about in Magazines (both print and digital), performed live on the radio, been featured on podcasts, and posted up on blogs.

We have made countless friends, eaten in countless subway restaurants, slept on couches and floors in all manner of abodes, demolished seemingly impossible bar tabs and had way too much fun to properly encapsulate in words.

And now, on the eve of our first anniversary, we’re gonna celebrate.

On Saturday, the 13th of November, we invite you all to our home in Griffintown to begin our second year as a band on a high note. This special, not to be repeated performance will feature an ensemble of our friends, including past members of The Hoof and The Heel and Emperor Bulash, as well as a live burlesque show courtesy of Lady Josephine and Miss Sucre a la Creme! I can assure you you’ve never seen anything like it before, and to miss out on the event would be a travesty!

All of this would not have been possible without the incredible support we’ve received from our families, friends new and old, and everyone who likes to rock out at our shows. Thank you!

See you on the 13th!


OCT 9 w/ Play Guitar, Extra Happy Ghost and Silver Dapple at Interstice (242 Young)
OCT 22 w/ Count us Among Your Many Friends at Le Divan Orange
NOV 13 FIRST BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION!!! w/ Les Gens de la Colline + More at Interstice

These are all gonna be super fun.

Stay tuned for more announcements about the Birthday Party, we’ve got what you might call big plans!


D + C

Western Canadian tour by the numbers:

Kilometers Driven: 10,497.2 (plus another 600 if you count Chris’ solo voyage to Edmonton and back)
Vehicles used: 4 (5 if same as above)
Songs heard in the van: 1022
Shows: 11
Other bands played with: 21
Days on the road: 20
Footlong Subway sandwiches consumed: 11 1/2
Kilometers driven without a license plate: 4084
Interactions with the police: 0
Over the top dance parties: 4
Empty Bars: 0
Photos: 86
Good Times: 10000000000

Love. Tour.

So we made it home.

The Final Number

It’s been almost two weeks now that we’ve been out of the van, but it’s been a bit of whirlwind. Between reacclimatizing to the realities of normal life and the madness of Pop Montreal (which required its own recovery period), we’re only just getting back to normal now.

The final few days of the tour played out like this:

Crossing the Border

No Kidding.

The Apollo was amazing, we played to a surprisingly large and excited crowd (read: 12 people) for a rainy thursday night in Thunder Bay; there was dancing, and our first ever encore (read: we played Kids TV a second time because we didn’t know any more songs). The Apollo seems to be keeping its head above water for now (or at least is getting really good at holding its breath!), and we wish them the best. Sheila, Tina and Alex are the proverbial bomb.

Our new pal Josh Talakoski warming up the Apollo stage

Seriously T-Bay, show up and show your support as often as possible!

We then spent about 30 ish hours in the van, in the rain, stopping only to sleep and eat subway sandwiches. I can happily report that Lester Montana is even more comfortable than rusty was for the purposes of sleeping and watching early 90’s Law and Order.

Things got a little ridiculous.

Note the Hearts

The final show of the tour took place on a very rainy saturday night in Ottawa. We opened up the evening at the Avant Garde Bar for some self proclaimed “old-timers” who had recently gotten back together as a band for the first time in 15 years. There was a little bit of rustiness, but good times were had by all in attendance and on stage.

40 Watt Monkey


After the gig, we made a bee line for Montréal, deciding that arriving at 3 am and sleeping in our own beds was worth the late night drive.
It was.

Being home is wonderful.
Being on tour was wonderful.

Can’t wait to hit the road again!

Stay tuned for sweet stuff taking place in Montréal in the mean time!


Winnipeg is quickly becoming one of our favourite cities in the country, having now played there as many times as Toronto. This, despite the fact that it’s more than 4 times the distance and has less than a quarter of the population. I can now also say that the crowds there have started infinitely more mosh pits to Conviction than Torontonians ever have. All three of our appearances in Winnipeg have been in the Exchange district, all taking place within 2 blocks of each other.

Upon our arrival, we loaded in to the Rudolph Rocker, up on the third floor of 91 Albert street, the legendary home of many of Winnipeg’s workers co-ops, including the Mondragon cafe and G7 Welcoming Committee records. Unlike our first show in Winnipeg back in May, we had an army of locals helping to cart our stuff up the stairs; it seemed as though the promises to bring friends to the next show we heard on the way out had been lived up to. All the local bands played killer sets, the place was full, and crazy dancing ensued.

Narwhal Strike

Pop Crimes


We spent the night back in the venerable halls of the Mansion, and I even managed to snap a couple more photos of the place, though they still fail to properly capture the majesty within.

The Speaker Tree

Riverfront View!


The next morning, (closer to afternoon, really) we piled back into the van, and kept moving eastward.