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Hey hey!
Welcome Welcome!

This right here, this is the brand new, totally re-vamped CINEMALAMOURTHEBAND.COM! Thanks for stopping in to check it out!

In between bouts of studio induced insanity, I’ve been coding away like the busiest of all the beavers.

Seriously Meta

Seriously Meta

If it weren’t for the wildly over-developed calluses I’ve got going on due to all the guitar I’ve been playing, my fingers would be worn to the bone from all the typing.

Okay, maybe not.

But Still!

Also of note: We’ve got another local show on the horizon!

On March 26th, we return to the lovely Quai Des Brumes (on the Corner of Mont-Royal and St. Denis). This time we’ll be joined by Winnipeg’s Oldfolks Home and local songstress Jenn Mierau. Should be the raddest of the times, I wouldn’t miss it, were I you.

You can get all kinds of “etc.” by joining the Facebook Event!

So feel free to poke around, click links, and re-visit some old blog posts, if that’s your thing.
Let me know in the comments if you notice anything that seems particularly out of place, or particularly in place, or particularly whatever you like.

Also: be aware that things may be updated and altered rather rapidly over the next several weeks as the site starts getting put through its paces.

Check back often!



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