New Press//Next Show

Hey All,

Lil bit of fresh press hit the web this morning. Check out what Indecent Xposure had to say about our show last month at Brasserie Beaubien.

“It all seemed rehearsed but each song, one after the other gave off the feel that it was never played quite exactly like this and you were the first person hearing it. It would have been an insult to call it fragile, because it was unbreakable, and equally an insult to call it tough because that wasn’t from where the sounds derived their power.”

Read the full review and interview here!

Also: Just a heads up, we’ll be playing live in Montréal on Saturday, February 16th at Quai Des Brumes (4481 St. Denis) with local violin rockers Smokes. The plan is for it to be “Really Fun!”

Cinema L'amour, Smokes and Zula February 16th, 2013 at Quai Des Brumes. Flyer by Ohara Hale


See you Saturday!

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