Mixing Begins

Progress on the album continues!

We’ve finished tracking (except for one more Sax line and a gang vocal or two), and we’ve moved all our gear back into our loft from the jam space we’ve been using to record the last two months.

Gear back in the loft

The gear has landed back in the loft!

So Many Layers

Each song is incredibly dense and complex, and it’s a serious challenge to maintain maximum clarity of each and every layer. It’s not rare to be fighting with 15 guitar tracks, 2 basses, synth and about 8 different versions of myself Oohing, Aaahing and shouting in unison.

I’m set up at my desk with headphones and an effects pedal or two, slowly tweaking away at every moment.

Mixing Desk

I’m very happy to be spending my days hacking away with EQ’s, Smashing with compressors, and occasionally lighting things on fire with tape saturation. I do seem to find myself losing time, however. I get lost in a sea of fuzz and delay, only to emerge hours later with all sorts of new sonic flourishes and a noticeable decline in coherency. Hopefully I’ll be able to maintain at least a semblance of sanity while I finish the rest of this mammoth undertaking.

There is still quite a ways to go, but the light at the end of the tunnel is starting to get very visible indeed.

Tour Booking!

Another thing that has been going on behind the scenes at Cinema L’amour HQ over the last few days is the resurrection of the Tour Booking Machine! Friends are being contacted, maps are being drawn upon, and calendars are being filled. We’re gonna be on the road for at least a month, if not two this summer, depending on certain things yet to be confirmed. If you want to help out, whether by setting up a show or just offering a couch to sleep on, Get in Touch!

So I’m keeping real busy, getting ready for what is gonna be a pretty insane next several months. Back to the grindstone!

Cool Deal,
Talk soon!


PS: We’re playing a local show in a couple weeks here in Montréal, March 26th at Quai Des Brumes, more info Here!
Hope to see you there!

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