So we made it home.

The Final Number

It’s been almost two weeks now that we’ve been out of the van, but it’s been a bit of whirlwind. Between reacclimatizing to the realities of normal life and the madness of Pop Montreal (which required its own recovery period), we’re only just getting back to normal now.

The final few days of the tour played out like this:

Crossing the Border

No Kidding.

The Apollo was amazing, we played to a surprisingly large and excited crowd (read: 12 people) for a rainy thursday night in Thunder Bay; there was dancing, and our first ever encore (read: we played Kids TV a second time because we didn’t know any more songs). The Apollo seems to be keeping its head above water for now (or at least is getting really good at holding its breath!), and we wish them the best. Sheila, Tina and Alex are the proverbial bomb.

Our new pal Josh Talakoski warming up the Apollo stage

Seriously T-Bay, show up and show your support as often as possible!

We then spent about 30 ish hours in the van, in the rain, stopping only to sleep and eat subway sandwiches. I can happily report that Lester Montana is even more comfortable than rusty was for the purposes of sleeping and watching early 90’s Law and Order.

Things got a little ridiculous.

Note the Hearts

The final show of the tour took place on a very rainy saturday night in Ottawa. We opened up the evening at the Avant Garde Bar for some self proclaimed “old-timers” who had recently gotten back together as a band for the first time in 15 years. There was a little bit of rustiness, but good times were had by all in attendance and on stage.

40 Watt Monkey


After the gig, we made a bee line for Montréal, deciding that arriving at 3 am and sleeping in our own beds was worth the late night drive.
It was.

Being home is wonderful.
Being on tour was wonderful.

Can’t wait to hit the road again!

Stay tuned for sweet stuff taking place in Montréal in the mean time!


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