Cinéma L’amour announces Eastern Canadian Tour, New Live Single
Montreal based duo continues quest for national domination!

March 31 – Sackville, NB – Pickles
April 1 – Charlottetown, PEI – The Alibi
April 2 – Sydney, NS – Governors Pub
April 5 – Stephenville, NL – Clancey’s
April 6 – Corner Brook, NL – The Barroom
April 7 – St. Johns, NL – CBTG’s
April 8 – St. Johns, NL – CBTG’s
April 9 – St. Johns, NL – CBTG’s
April 10 – Grand Falls, NL – TBA
April 13 – Halifax, NS – Gus’ Pub
April 14 – Fredericton, NB – Gallery Connexion
April 15 – St. John, NB – TBA
April 16 – Moncton, NB – Plan B
April 19 – Kingston, ON – The Artel
April 20 – Toronto, ON – Rancho Relaxo
April 21 – Kitchener/Waterloo, ON – TBA
April 22 – Sarnia, ON – Empty Fest
April 23 – Windsor, ON

On November 13th, 2010, Montréal based Loop-Nerd duo Cinéma L’amour threw perhaps the most absurdly debaucherous first birthday bash in the history of rock and roll. In the inevitable hangover that followed, they retreated quietly into the shadows. Unsubstantiated rumors of an insidious plot involving several gallons of ice-cream and a shaved giraffe swirled around the pair. Blueprints were drawn, plans discussed in hushed whispers. Unidentifiable creatures scuttled in the periphery. Energies were gathered from the far corners of the earth. A new excuse for celebration was sought with fiery desperation so powerful that no cost would be too much to bear. No price too great, no sacrifice too dear.

With proof in hand of that now legendary shindig (the brand new CELEBRATOR EP), the boys are prepared to run their voices ragged, their hands calloused and their gas tank dry, all in the name of a new reason to party!


“You wind up staring in curious fascination, trying to figure out what exactly Dorian is doing between guitar riffs and loops and how Chris learned to play the way he can… at about the point where Dorian yells, ‘Let us not waste our youth,’ I realized these guys were onto something.” Sun On The Sand

“Modesty aside, the duo has no inhibitions — and it lets it all hang loose — at least on a sonic level. Claiming influences as diverse as minimalist classical to sludge metal and a newfound interest in funk, their complex compositions are equally shaped by guitarist-vocalist Scheidt’s daisy-chain of effects pedals and Kavanagh’s off-kilter percussive flourishes.” FFWD Magazine

t: (514) 618 2927

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