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Okay, so today I decided that being the capable individual I am I’d mosey down to the store formerly known as Radio Shack, pick up a replacement switch for the POG, and install it myself.

No Sweat.
Super Simple.
Easy as Pie.

It’s only two points of solder! How could anything go wrong?

I returned home from my successful shopping sortie and got busy installing the new switch. First came the easy part, and boy was it ever less easy than I anticipated. Seeing as the circuit board for the POG is almost as large as its enclosure, there was precious little space for my fingers to tighten the nut to fix the new switch in place. After considerably more frustration than such a modest task should normally generate, I found myself once again within the realm of the triumphant and victorious.

The Brand New Big Red Bass Button (as I had already christened it in my head) was fixed in place!

Hi-Fives all around!
Uncork the Champagne!
Wait a minute…

Okay, so next I had to do the tricky part and solder the thing into the circuit. No big deal. 2 wires, two sides of the switch. Little bit of solder, and Bam! there you go! Easy Peasy, Presto, or perhaps “Voila!”, as we say in this here part of the world.

Except for the whole “It actually working” part.

When I plugged my newly personalized pedal into it’s pre-wired power source, I was pleased by the immediate bright glow of it’s LED. I was less pleased by its persistent nature, regardless of how intense my interaction with the aforementioned BrandNewBigRedBassButton became.

Anyhow, after an hour’s frustration, we (the POG and myself) seemed to have arrived at an impasse.

Much thanks to Julian of the fantastic Man Your Horse and the freshly minted Marrs Pedals for his as yet unsuccessful but much appreciated advice. If I lived on the west coast, I’m certain he and I would have the thing fixed up in a flash. With an entire continent separating us, however, I’m a little less than convinced.

Wish me luck!


Hey hey,

Just wanted to let everyone know we’re still alive and kicking over here! We’ve been busy jamming on new material for the last month, and we’re getting ready to get back to the recording process real soon.

We’ve got a few brand new songs in various stages of completion right now, and we’re pretty excited about that.

Today we ran into a bit of a snag. The switch on the POG (my big silver pitchshifting pedal that lets me lay down basslines) has been starting to die on me for the last few jams, and today it finally kicked the bucket.


I had to play sans bass tone, which was okay for the most part, but kept causing us trouble in a particularly long and busy loop section in one of the new songs. There is one particular bass slide that really helps us both to define tempo that only works if we can really feel it in the low register. We made a bunch of progress, but I’m really looking forward to getting back to full range!

Can’t wait for everyone to hear it, I think you’ll know what I mean!

Luckily, it’s a really cheap part to replace, and I only have to do a tiny bit of soldering to swap it in, so I’ll be swimming in a sea of subharmonics once again soon enough.


Anyway, that’s what’s up today.

Happy Thanksgiving,


HeyHey FolkFolks!

NEXT LOCAL SHOW: Saturday September 10th at O Patro Vys alongside new friends Major House and old friends Wind Up People. Here is the FB event.


There are a few things afoot here at Cinéma L’amour HQ that I figured I’d let you know about.

First off, we had to cancel our originally planned fall trip across the east coast.
We’re extremely saddened that we won’t get to see any of our new friends from across Ontario, the Maritimes and Newfoundland again this year, but we’ve really got to focus on writing and recording right now.

It’s a bummer, we know, but we promise we’ll make it up to you!

We’re pretty deep in the recording process right now, and I’m going to be making an effort to blog more regularly on that front. We’re taking our time with it and being as exacting as possible, but the plan is for the results to be worth the wait.

Drum Recording Mode

Stay tuned.

There are a couple new items up at our live recording side project facebook page Getting Captured that I’d recommend you check out. One is a video I shot of the lovely ladies of Mares of Thrace (on FB here) when they played in Montréal at Katacombs on August 10th.

The Second is a tape by Shaker Hymns that I recorded earlier this summer that is out now on Dub Ditch Picnic Records. You can listen/buy/download online over at their bandcamp, which is here. It features members of Silver Dapple, Bronze Leaf, Hobo Cubes, and a bunch of others. While mixing it, my roommates were quite certain I’d lost my mind as I was positively unable to cease talking excitedly about “the boogie” whilst “Shaking it.”

The Shakers, Shaking.

We had a couple of great local shows at Casa Del Popolo this month, one on long notice, and one on very short.

Back on August 9th, a couple of touring bands had some trouble with some airplanes and had to cancel on our buddy David Mitchell of Proof Booking at the last minute, and luckily we were able to step up and re fill the night alongside our pals Glass Works Coastal and local heavyweights PARLOVR. It was approximately 3 and a half blasts.

Major thanks to David and everyone else involved, I’m super glad it came together!

A couple weeks later (and one week ago!) we returned to Casa, this time alongside some bands who hadn’t had any trouble with airplanes whatsoever. Thanks to the lovely Electrical Audio Message Board (Known colloquially as the PRF) we got connected with the fantastic folks in Begin by Gathering Supplies and the Columbines.

Begin by Gathering Supplies at Casa!

The Columbines at Casa!

We had a fantastic time drinking beer, eating sandwiches and playing rock music with them, and are extra excited to meet up with them on their home turf in Chicago sometime next spring. It’ll be hot fire.


We also did this.


Hey Guys,
Just wanted to let you in on the recording process here at Chez Cinéma, we’ve been hard at work recently getting ready for what’s looking like a busy fall!

First off, just over a month ago we moved back into the loft where it all started, and have been jamming on the regular in the exact same spot that the band was formed back in 2009. It’s a real pleasure being back here, and it’s been a crazy productive time as far as songwriting goes. We’ll be returning to the stage in Montréal at Casa Del Popolo on August 28th with Begin By Gathering Supplies and the Columbines from Chicago, and we’re hoping to have a couple of new ones ready to show off. Should be a fun night, I’ll be posting the poster (ha. ha.) in the next couple days, so stay tuned!

During the move, this happened:

"DIBS PLANKING'' - Chris Kavanagh

If I could explain, I would.

Continue reading

If you recall, our first show of the tour took place in Sackville, NB, at Pickles Deli. The next afternoon, we found ourselves in a small room surrounded by headphones, speakers, and microphones that strongly resembled a radio station. Due to the great success of these two encounters, we wound up being invited to perform in our new friends Elliot and Ben’s living room 2 weeks later.

It was an invite we had absolutely zero interest in refusing.

Another serious perk of returning to Sackville was another opportunity to visit what we’ve dubbed “the Omega Cafeteria”. Seriously Mount Allison students, you guys have got it made. Chris and I once again wandered around aimlessly, eyes gleaming with delight, every new salad bar option or delicious roasted whatever pushing us to new heights of free food ecstasy. Surrounded, as we were by students in the middle of exams, tired of eating in the same room for an entire year, we looked rather out of place. But no matter, we enjoyed every last morsel, including the ice cream.

We found this amazing pamphlet

Chris was pleased

The house party that followed was crammed full of both people and excellence. We were super lucky to have local rockers John Wayne Cover Band perform first, and they effectively raised the temperature several degrees!

the House!

By the time we took the floor, everyone was in proper rock mode, and we had a blast! Major thanks to our Sackville Family for making it happen for us, we can’t wait to return!


At 4 am, we found ourselves on the roof of a building overlooking downtown with crazy smiles on our faces. Maria, you rock.