We’ve spent the past 2 years traipsing across the country back and forth, dropping jaws in every single province, releasing an EP and a pair of singles (all available by donation online) and generally having way too much fun along the way. Now, for the second year in a row, we’re getting our celebrating shoes on and throwing another epic (and a half!) birthday bash on December 3rd at the Plant in Mile End!

Chris is Excited!

With new songs, a new single, and new friends, you can be sure we’re bringing in a new year new-tastically!

In recognition of the event, we’ll be releasing a brand new single: Long Drives//Empty Bottles.

The pair of road tested rockers are but a taste of what is to come next spring when the band unleashes its Full Length debut upon the hungry masses, and boy is it ever something to salivate over. Recorded and packaged totally DIY (as always!), the single is a major step up from the ragtag, live off the floor recordings the duo have previously released. Showing off the intricacy of Dorian Scheidt’s layered guitar and vocal interplay and the positively octopalien ferocity of Chris Kavanagh behind the kit, these songs are a testament to the band’s time on the road. As a veteran of Music Technology at McGill, Electroacoustics at Concordia, production at CJLO and leader of the mobile recording squad Getting Captured, Scheidt has worked with an impressive array of artists both on the stage and in the studio (Chad Van Gaalen, Braids, Mares of Thrace, and Grimes, to name but a few) and the experience is really starting to show. With newfound studio clarity and an unparalleled level of musical chemistry stemming from a decade of performing side by side in more bands is frankly reasonable given their tender ages, Cinéma L’amour are ready to kick it up a notch. Or 11.

The event itself promises to provide previously unheard of levels of Rock and/or Roll. The band will be debuting a slew of new material from their upcoming new record, and they’ve got some friends in tow to help out! Much like last year, the Cinéma L’amour have recruited a slew of local musicians (featuring past and present members of Wind Up People, USA out of Vietnam, The Hoof and the Heel and more) to push their sonic vision well past the realm of “3D”. The all new collaborative composition slated to bring the rock show to a close will only be performed once, but its memory plans to haunt the future for years to come.

Do not be afraid.
The rock is coming.
We are all in this together.

Featuring: Wind-Up People, People Person, A Grand Scene, and Projections by Jamie Ross.

RSVP to the FB event here.

Serious Love,


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