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Cinema L’amour write fluid, genre bending rock music. Using guitar, drums, voice, and an absurd array of effects and loopers, the pair craft seamless pieces spanning continents and decades of influence and inspiration. Dorian Scheidt’s layered vocal melodies, bass lines and occasionally aggressive guitar riffs are all anchored by Chris Kavanagh’s relentlessly inventive drum performances.

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Named in honor of the Montréal landmark, this young duo arrived on the scene in November ’09, opening for Future of the Left. With a decade long history of musical collaboration, and a deep personal connection, Dorian Scheidt and Chis Kavanagh are forging a new sound for Cinema L’amour: experimental, loop-based music with ambient textures and constantly evolving rhythmic complexity.

Kavanagh, an intense drummer who refuses to be trapped by the confines of a four-four backbeat, grounds Scheidt’s monstrous guitar tone, looping wizardry and layered vocal harmonies. Influenced by a huge range of styles, from minimalist classical to power electonics, synth-pop to sludge metal, a Cinema L’amour set can take you from punk mosh pit to disco dance floor. Live, this band blazes across the stage in a virtuosic blur of electonic effects, hedonistic passion and the pure joy of a catchy pop melody.

After several years of near-constant touring and performing, Cinema L’amour have racked up nearly 100 shows across Canada, from Vancouver to St. John’s, and their debut full length album is just around the corner.

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