(back in) Action

Hey team,
I’ve just received my recording drive back in the mail from a warranty repair, so our studio is back up to full capacity now.
We should be doing some recording in the nearish future, and we’ll make sure to keep you posted on that.

In other news, we’ve been mad busy recently doing the very last bit of booking for our upcoming tour, and I’m pleased to say that it’ll be our best one yet! So far we have 7 dates confirmed, including visits to a whole bunch of places we’ve never been.

Our horizons are totally getting expanded.
It’s madness.

We’re also going to have some new merch to take with us on this tour, so as soon as that arrives I’ll make sure to take pictures and get them up here!

Anyway, expect a big announcement with all the tour dates and whatnot in the very near future.
Get stoked.


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