Attempted Recovery

Okay, so today I decided that being the capable individual I am I’d mosey down to the store formerly known as Radio Shack, pick up a replacement switch for the POG, and install it myself.

No Sweat.
Super Simple.
Easy as Pie.

It’s only two points of solder! How could anything go wrong?

I returned home from my successful shopping sortie and got busy installing the new switch. First came the easy part, and boy was it ever less easy than I anticipated. Seeing as the circuit board for the POG is almost as large as its enclosure, there was precious little space for my fingers to tighten the nut to fix the new switch in place. After considerably more frustration than such a modest task should normally generate, I found myself once again within the realm of the triumphant and victorious.

The Brand New Big Red Bass Button (as I had already christened it in my head) was fixed in place!

Hi-Fives all around!
Uncork the Champagne!
Wait a minute…

Okay, so next I had to do the tricky part and solder the thing into the circuit. No big deal. 2 wires, two sides of the switch. Little bit of solder, and Bam! there you go! Easy Peasy, Presto, or perhaps “Voila!”, as we say in this here part of the world.

Except for the whole “It actually working” part.

When I plugged my newly personalized pedal into it’s pre-wired power source, I was pleased by the immediate bright glow of it’s LED. I was less pleased by its persistent nature, regardless of how intense my interaction with the aforementioned BrandNewBigRedBassButton became.

Anyhow, after an hour’s frustration, we (the POG and myself) seemed to have arrived at an impasse.

Much thanks to Julian of the fantastic Man Your Horse and the freshly minted Marrs Pedals for his as yet unsuccessful but much appreciated advice. If I lived on the west coast, I’m certain he and I would have the thing fixed up in a flash. With an entire continent separating us, however, I’m a little less than convinced.

Wish me luck!


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