All Quiet

Hey Hey,
I know I haven’t been posting at all recently, and for that I apologize.
There are most certainly several more instalments of the Tour Blog to post, and I’ll start releasing them soon enough!

As for now, I wanted to let you know a few things:

A) We’re jamming at our old old rehearsal space again, where the band was both conceived and birthed. It feels real good. Major thanks//love to Victoria, Sophie and Lisa for letting us rock out in their place. You gals = the bomb x 4.5

B) We’re playing a crazy awesome loft party in two weeks with our good friends Wind Up People (who’s debut EP I just finished recording – Check it here) and Aim Low. It will be a serious effects nerd kinda party. The FB event is here, if you’re in Montréal then I expect you there with bells on.

C) We’re going to Ottawa the first week of June for the First Annual Ottawa Bike Fest. We’ll be playing outside with the Sheep Man and some others. Should be madness, I’ll keep you posted on that.

D) We’re playing with Man Your Horse, Glass Works Coastal (who I also just recorded, more on that later) and Crabe at Le Divan Orange on June 14th. I’m stoked outta my skull for this one. Haven’t seen the MYH boys since september when we rocked out with them in Vancouver, and apparently they’ve got some new jams that you’ve gotta check out.

E) We’re going on tour AGAIN, in August. It’s gonna look something like this: 1: Sackville
4: Charlottetown – the Alibi
5: Halifax – HELP
6: Sydney – Governor’s
8: Stephenville – HELP
9: Corner Brook – The Bar Room
10: Grand Falls/Windsor – HELP
11-13: St. John’s – Distortion/CBTG’s
16: Corner Brook/Anywhere Else on NFLD – HELP!
17: Sydney – Governor’s
18: Moncton – Plan B (TBC)
19: St. John – HELP
20: Fredericton – HELP

Let us know ( if you can help out with any of the dates. We’ll do a formal announcement soon. Also: if you’d like to write about us/interview us/have us play on yr radio station/podcast/boat, GET IN TOUCH!

F) On August 28, we’re playing at Casa Del Popolo with Begin By Gathering Supplies from Chicago. Shit. Awesome. Expect more to come.

Alright, I think that’s everything on the go at the moment.

Love you, internet.


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