Cinema L’amour is a two-piece art-rock band from Montréal, Canada.

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“If you listened to these guys with your eyes closed you’d think you had at least a 3 to 4 piece band playing for you… Kavanagh bangs ferociously at his drums with obvious skill, and Scheidt peeks over a sea of guitar pedals, looping his erratic vocals and distorted guitar to create veritable walls of sound.”

– Meet you at the show

Using Guitars, Drums, Voice, Keyboards, and an absurd array of Effects and Loopers the pair craft seamless pieces spanning continents and decades of influence and inspiration. Dorian Scheidt’s layered vocal melodies, bass lines and occasionally aggressive guitar riffs are all anchored by Chris Kavanagh’s relentlessly inventive drum performances.

Cinema L'amour Press Photo


Since forming in late 2009, Cinema L’amour have performed over 100 shows all across Canada, in every province, from Vancouver to St. John’s. They’ve released 4 hand made CD-R’s, performed live at campus community radio stations, art galleries, basements, loft parties, rock bars and music festivals.

Cinema L'amour the Band Live in Sydney, NS. Pedal boards, loop pedals, guitar effects.
Cinema L'amour Live in Montreal
Cinema L'amour Live in Hamilton

“It all seemed rehearsed but each song, one after the other gave off the feel that it was never played quite exactly like this and you were the first person hearing it. It would have been an insult to call it fragile, because it was unbreakable, and equally an insult to call it tough because that wasn’t from where the sounds derived their power.”

– Indecent Xposure